Wix Review: Is Wix a Reliable Website Builder?

Wix Review

Website builders are an ideal solution for people and small businesses – to create a website without hiring a professional developer. But finding a perfect website builder can be daunting for beginners. There are multiple website builders in the industry. How can you know which one is the right solution for your business? In this review, we look at Wix – one of the most popular website builders by analyzing its benefits and drawbacks.

What is Wix?

Launched in 2006, Wix is a prominent cloud-based website development platform. It serves millions of users across the world to create impressive websites that can attract more traffic to its products. The Wix site builder is a reliable blank canvas that you can use to drag various elements across the platform. Over the years, this platform has boasted a broad range of interactive tools coupled with design options that make it easy to use when it comes to creating a website.

Who Needs Wix? 

With Wix, businesses and individuals are provided with tools coupled with the capacity to create beautiful and professional-looking websites that don’t weigh down their creativity with coding expertise and web hosting. Not only is the platform free, but users are at liberty to opt to improve their websites by merely subscribing to the paid plans.

Wix Pricing

Are you wondering how much the Wix website creator costs? Well, their paid plans may be a bit confusing but are definitely affordable. They have plenty of options. Wix starter plan is a forever free plan. Wix premium plan starts from $10 per month when it comes to investing in a combo plan. The ad-free version covers hosting coupled with a domain name valid for one year. The other packages of $14 and $19 per month are perfect for clients with broader site needs, while the VIP package costs $39 per month. 

wix pricing

Wix Operating Rationale

Wix has a simple operating rationale: Business professionals should have a website builder with a broad range of tools to create everything. Therefore, Wix has an Editor, Artificial Design Intelligence (Wix ADI), coupled with a Code to help project a vital hub for content creation. These tools are useful in building everything from a simple blog to a globally managed store. That said, in neither case would a user be required to have technical skills. The platform requires explicit edits coupled with modifications with the drag-and-drop features. It is safe and fast.

Personalization In Wix

In comparison with other website developers, Wix offers a high degree of personalization. This implies that all templates available on this platform are for the purpose of modification, as well as customization while helping you to build a website, just as you pictured it.

Wix Personalization

This also means that once you choose a template, you can’t change it, because you will lose all the modifications. Its scalable nature allows it to stand up to heavy traffic coupled with complicated operations. All these are significantly equipped with unique search filters to assist consumers in getting the content they need. Other than that, Wix is a fully-featured website builder that provides free services. Is it the right platform for your business website? Let us take a look!

Is Wix Good For Business Websites?

So, you are in need of a business website for your venture? Web design is overwhelming. There are essential elements you need on your business site. You should first secure a catchy URL. Ensure it makes sense, mainly for your business. It should not have quirky spelling. Other than that, it needs to be available on various social media platforms. Wix can assist you in getting creative, particularly if the name of your business is taken. On the occasion that you have set up a preferred domain, it is time to make a viable decision. Wix helps to ensure that your customers have an enjoyable experience coupled with the ability to improve the digital footprint of your company while increasing engagement with the brand.

Additional Features of Wix that make it Suitable for your Business Website

  • Creating a Logical Roadmap – Before picking a server, you need to map out how you would like your business website to work. This is crucial for user experience as well as SEO because Google considers a site’s content when ranking its search. Wix enables you to create an aesthetically appealing website. The platform also provides you with a logical roadmap for a business website.
  • Disseminating Crucial Business Information – The biggest mistake most people make is trying to build the website they want instead of developing a site they need. For instance, a restaurant owner would rather invest in good music instead of basic things such as the menu and contact directions. Wix enables you to focus on the functional elements of your business.
  • Clear Navigation – A roadmap is not useful without a legend. It is also useless without precise navigation. As a business owner, you should ensure that you utilize logical names for the pages of your landing site. Wix enables you to create an easy-to-use website. It’s the ultimate website builder that has currently conquered the hearts of several consumers.
  • SMB-Friendly – Wix is great for SMBs that are largely interested in creating beautiful websites without having to spend a fortune. The essential features are reliable and readily available for free. Over the above, the creation process needs no coding or any form of technical skills to create a website and put it into action successfully. All it will take for you is to choose various essential elements you aspire to change. After that, you can drag and drop the items on designer templates. 

Is Wix Reliable?

Wix is a reliable website builder. You can count on the platform’s SEO-optimized coupled with secure hosting services. Other than that, you will also be in a position to manage and then track your website’s performance from one dashboard.

Is Wix Good for Email Marketing?

In business, email marketing refers to the practice of sending different types of content to subscribers using email. The content, in this case, may play a role in generating website traffic, and product signups for business, coupled with leads. The recipients of these emails must have personally opted to supply a means of receiving this content. Every newsletter should also provide them with valuable content. Wix is a reliable email marketing tool. The platform allows you to create effective email marketing campaigns cleverly written in a way that can attract attention in inboxes.

Wix Email Marketing

Is Wix Good for Landing Pages?

A landing page enables business professionals to develop a reliable yet focused page with slight to no navigational options. The objective of a landing page is ideal for capturing a visitor’s attention. In most cases, it also plays a role in getting them to perform a particular action such as clicking a button, or better yet, entering the client’s contact details. For instance:

  • A landing page devoted to collecting leads
  • A ‘Coming Soon’ page.

To add a landing page via Wix, you should do the following:

  • Add a new page
  • Go to the relevant page and click
  • Go to the icon for Show More
  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Click on the tab for ‘Layouts.’
  • Select ‘No Header and Footer’

Vital Information on How to Create a Landing Page

You should note that a landing page for your business doesn’t have a header or a footer which implies that it also lacks a menu. For that reason, if you wish for your visitors to navigate to your site, ensure that you link a button to the site’s main page. Also, if you want the landing page to be the first for people to see when accessing your site URL, then you should set it as the homepage.

SEO Ranking With Wix- Helping Users to Create SEO-Optimized Content

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for the success of online business. There are over a billion websites in the world. Only a few stand out. A beautiful website would be of no value if visitors couldn’t find it. Wix is a reliable website builder when it comes to creating beautiful sites. But is it an excellent builder for SEO? The answer is ‘yes.’ The platform has put in a lot of work to help catch up to rivals, such as WordPress, over the years.

Currently, Wix vividly boasts of having a broad range of SEO features that are pretty easy to use. For that reason, websites that use Wix do not experience challenges when it comes to getting a top position in search engine results. While there are various builders with advanced features, Wix stands out as a neat fit for different types of small businesses, personal websites, in addition to blogs. For years, Wix has tested its features to establish how the platform matches up against other website developers.

As we discussed earlier, Wix is a unique service provider for business owners and individuals alike. The Artificial Intelligence and Wix Code come in premium packages. Before you involve yourself in the website-building process, you will be expected to answer a couple of questions regarding who you are and your business venture. Lastly, you’ll need to supply professionals in charge of website building with content you aspire to include. Founded on this information, the team will create a professional yet personalized website specifically for you. After that, you can go live instantly. For developers, the Wix website creator has developed a Code module that enables users to set up personalized data collection. Users can, therefore, rely on the API architecture in installing their preferred functions. Other than that, they also create SEO-compatible content coupled with hassle-free coding operations.

The Wix eCommerce Module

Online retailers can subscribe to the Wix eCommerce module for creating an eye-catching online store for products. The platform provides all the key features such as product catalogues, custom checkout pages, shopping cart functionalities, dropshipping integration, and coupons to create a high-converting visitor experience. It is also notably essential to know that the Wix website builder supports payment with PayPal wallets as well as credit cards.

Wix Has an Excellent Logo Maker

You can always identify a business by the look of its logo. The nature of a business logo tells the type of services and products a company deals in. Symbols are a concise way of communicating information regarding your business. A logo is a vital feature of your brand. It creates a significant impact on the company’s public perception. When you think of various free logo design services, it may make you cringe because you are often stuck with generic logo-building tools that offer minimal branding assistance. Wix is taking a different approach with its logo maker. The site is providing its users with an impeccable design experience that is free. It also comes with the viable option of purchasing high-quality files. Wix logo maker is an excellent option for businesses because it can help professionals to create a logo based on what their brands look like.

Mobile-Optimized Website

In the modern business world, people use their cell phones to browse the Internet for online content. They also browse the Internet to search for products online. For that reason, there is a need for entrepreneurs to have a reliable mobile-optimized website. Wix makes it possible for you to have this by optimizing all websites for consumer’s mobile displays

Wix Mobile Editor

 This feature is particularly useful to users who are interested in promoting brands online. Another feature you will like with Wix is the fact that it works seamlessly with different third-party solutions, which are obviously leading marketplaces, and marketing solutions, in addition to sales apps. You may use Wix in synergy with various CRM apps to enjoy a streamlined integration with various social media apps. That way, you will be promoting your products.

Excellent Support And User-Friendly

Wix prides itself on being a responsive platform that supports business professionals in website creation. We have found that we usually get a clear answer within a day for all our support queries. Additionally, the Wix website builder comes with an extensive knowledge base filled with training materials. You can quickly discover relevant answers to your questions about website building.


Can you outgrow the Wix website builder? That is one of the commonly asked questions by users. To be honest, unless your business website will be a household name, Wix holds more than enough when it comes to scaling. The site’s global app market is advanced. The Wix app market is also always releasing new and exciting add-ons. These Wix apps and features will enhance various websites, including their functionality.


In summary, I highly recommend Wix as an easy-to-use-all-in-one website builder. It is full of essential and advanced features combined into one platform. Key features are summarized below.

  • One-pagers
  • Intuitive Website Builder
  • Optimized Mobile View
  • Free Images and Image Editor
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Events
  • Live Chat
  • Designer Templates
  • Add and Organize Pages
  • SEO Wizard
  • Free Fonts
  • Social Feed
  • CRM
  • Contact Forms
  • Subscription Forms
  • Logo Maker
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogging
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager
  • Online Store

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